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Ezone Landing Page





Start promoting your presence at PRIME EXPO 2019!

As a confirmed exhibitor, this is your opportunity to build your profile and promote your presence through the shows’ website and printed catalogue. 

Please complete your entry on the website as it enables visitors to:

  • Get in touch with you before the event or directly via the website
  • Obtain information about your company via the company profile
  • Know exactly which products, services or brands you provide
  • Find your company & products via the exhibitor search facility


IMPORTANT - Show Catalogue Entry 

  • Company name / Exhibitor name, First name, last name and job title can only contain pure text, no symbols, no numeric, no special characters
  • Please ensure details are strictly filled only in ENGLISH, and no foreign language.
  • Latin (ë é ã ç…) and Arabic characters will NOT be accepted
  • Exhibitor name / Account name cannot start with any special characters
  • Basic symbols like dot comma apostrophe hyphen and bracket will be accepted ONLY on the corporate profile and brand

Please note that the Show Catalogue entry is MANDATORY for your participation to be included in the printed show catalogue. Please complete this section by the EXTENDED DEADLINE of TUESDAY, 8 OCTOBER, 2019, otherwise it will not be available in the print catalogue and all printed listings. 

To submit your Catalogue Entry details click on My Profile