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3 - 5 November 2020
Dubai World Trade Centre

Kantha Shelke

Kantha Shelke

Senior Lecturer for Regulatory Science and Food Safety Regulation, John Hopkins University

Kantha Shelke, Ph.D., is Senior Lecturer for Regulatory Science and Food Safety Regulation at Johns Hopkins University, she is also a Principal at Corvus Blue LLC, a contract food science and research firm specializing in product development, regulatory science, competitive intelligence, and rapid commercialization of new foods, ingredients, and technologies. She holds Master’s degrees in Organic Chemistry and in Food Science and Nutrition, and a Ph.D. in Cereal Chemistry and Technology. She practices, writes, and teaches science and safety from end-to-end in food and supplement supply chains on the global front. She is a technical editor at PLMA Live!, (Private Label Manufacturers Association), Prepared Foods magazine, and Food Quality and Safety magazine. Kantha is an IFT Food Science Communicator and has been quoted on food, food safety, nutrition, regulations, and open innovation in television (CBS, ABC, Fox News, PBS, Food Network), radio (NPR, Prairie News, WGN, All India Radio, WBBM), print (Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, Food Processing, LA Times, London Times, Men’s Health, New York Times, Prepared Foods, Time, Running World, Saveur, Scholastic, Self, Shape, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Washington Post) and online publications (BuzzFeed, Food Dive, FoodNavigator, NutraIngredients, and others). Kantha is a senior lecturer in Food Safety Regulations at the Johns Hopkins University Master of Science Program in Food Safety Regulations in Baltimore and an adjunct professor of Food Science and Technology and Food Law at the MCI Management Center in Innsbruck, Austria. When not teaching or working with clients, Kantha helps advance the understanding of food science and nutrition, food safety and regulations for enterprises successfully tackling food disruption, food safety, supply chain technologies, novel ingredients, and precision agriculture. Her book “Pasta and Noodles: A Global History” was published in August 2016 by Reaktion Press, UK, and she is traveling the world collecting materials for her next book.



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