Grandiose Supermarket rolls out an energy-efficient delivery fleet

16 Sep 2022

Grandiose Supermarket rolls out an energy-efficient delivery fleet

Grandiose Supermarket rolls out an energy-efficient delivery fleet

Continuing its commitment of being a sustainability first retail player in the market, Grandiose Supermarkets has just announced the launch of energy-efficient bikes. Current plans of deployment span throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi across all its 18 existing locations. This unprecedented launch marks the supermarket’s subsequent efforts to support the UAE’s agenda of achieving net zero on carbon emissions by 2050. This is coming at the back of its success of saving over 1 million plastic bags since its inception in 2017. 


In its continual efforts to champion sustainability, Grandiose is expanding its portfolio of sustainability initiatives with a fuel-saving fleet that has controlled emissions. A mix of 100 energy-efficient bikes has been introduced with the roll-out expected to be completed in Q4. Phase 1 includes the introduction of e-bikes, which is 30% of the new fleet with the rest including low-fuel bikes offering higher mileage. The initiative complements the premium grocery retailer’s move to go ‘electric’ and employ energy-efficient infrastructure including energy-saving store fit outs to reduce emissions through state-of-the-art fridges, freezers, and storage. 


With the initiative, Grandiose will be saving 75% of exhaustible energy in comparison to the previous fleet. For the same, delivery riders have been supplied with required safety gear alongside essential road safety training. 


The new announcement has been made succeeding the chain’s multiple ongoing initiatives including  heavy investment in shopping trolleys made of recycled ocean plastic. The resulting success of putting ghost fishing nets and ropes left at sea to productive use had a favorable impact on the reduction of toxic gasses which could otherwise, statistically kill 100,000 marine animals each year. 


James Scott, CEO of Grandiose Supermarkets said, “The new delivery fleet marks a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability. In our aim to address every environmental agenda that the region wrestles with, we are honored to be setting yet another example of being ecologically minded in sound corporate decisions. Our promise to extend the true ‘family value promise’ can only be achieved with a sustainable community. With this renewed delivery fleet, we are hoping to build a renewed community mindset. One that is attuned with the UAE’s target to achieve a net zero on carbon emissions by 2050.”


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