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Loo Skins

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We design and manufacture the first antibacterial, anti- splash, water-soluble disposable toilet covers offering 99% from contaminated toilet surfaces and splatter. The idea was conceived during the pandemic inspired by the disposable glove established in Jordan initially, Our product is superior to conventional toilet seat covers as they only protect from the seat - offering maximum protection 25%. We are the first to tackle the problem of toilet backsplash (or Poseidon Kiss). Toilet backsplash and surfaces may cause Urinary tract infections especially in women and young girls. The problem with toilets is not only the seat, but also the splash from the bowl, cavity and outer skirt which are not protected by competitor covers. Its worth noting that children's potties are not practical nor Hygenic and squatting intensifies the back splash. We are the first to tap into PVA antibacterial technology as a full toilet cover. Our mission is to offer an innovative solution for public toilet inconvenience and reduce the waste from keep toilets clean cleaning. PVA is non toxic and our packaging is compostable to reduce our carbon footprint as well as our clients'. our product is manufactured and packaged in China and fulfilled from Dubai internationally. We have sold 50,000 covers so far and 90% of customers buy again. Loo Skins has made family vacations and excursions more pleasant and 95% of users are returning customers. We are incorporated in Jordan and UAE. We are also in the process of patenting the design. Our goal is to be available at every airport, commercial aircraft, hospital, mall, office buildings, schools and amusement parks. The product is for the whole family but mostly used by women, children, elderly and handicapped.


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  • Why I created Loo Skins and why I never use conventional toilet seat covers
  • Because toilet splatter is infectious, Loo Skins work better than conventional toilet seat covers as it is the first antibacterial and antisplash protective cover worldwide
  • The first antibacterial anti splash water-soluble disposable toilet covers worldise offering 99% protection from toilet surface and splatter germs - because the problem is not just the seat, its also ...

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