Illovo Sugar (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

Illovo Sugar (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd.

Hall: Al Mustaqbal Plaza Stand: M1-H37
Illovo Sugar (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, (ISSA) a wholly owned subsidiary of Illovo Sugar Africa, is one of the three largest sugar producers in South Africa which sources more than 90% of its annual sugar cane from large, medium and small-scale farmers. The company produces brown and refined sugar for domestic market under the “Trusted Quality” brand, and manufactures downstream products of furfural and its derivatives, ethyl alcohol, lactulose and syrup sold on the domestic & international markets. ISSA’s invert syrups are produced at its Durban plant, through the process of hydrolysis/inversion of granulated sugar; producing a glucose-fructose-sucrose syrup which is a versatile and high-quality product used as a raw material ingredient in various industries such as beverages, confectioneries, ice-cream, processed foods, tobacco, wineries, pharmaceuticals, concentrates, and flavorants. Invert syrup benefits include enhancing sweetness/flavor, preservative agent through water activity reduction, preventing crystallization and maintaining softness in baked goods like cookies and brownies. The traditional syrup products lines for industrial use include- Golden, Amber, Backery, Traditional & Clear syrups. ISSA produces syrups with unique tastes, flavours and mouthfeel. As a market leader, its syrup/sauce are primarily enjoyed as a topping for ice-cream and pancakes and a delicious ingredient in household baking. Its range includes Golden, Maple, Traditional, Caramel, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Toffee and Cappuccino. They are available in various sizes and formats. In addition to selling under the Illovo brand, we offer production and packing of private label brands. With experience in producing top-quality sugar and sugar-related products for over 130 years, makes us an expert in manufacturing the best invert syrup to meet our customer and consumer needs. All products are produced in accordance with international standards such as FSSC 2200, HACCP , ISO 9001 compliant, and all products are Kosher and Halaal certified.


1 Nokwe Avenue, Ridgeside, Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, South Africa PO Box 194, Durban, South Africa, 4000
South Africa


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  • Bakery Syrup is variant syrup, pourable for household and semi-industrial enterprise as evidenced through brix content. Bakery syrup is a medium invert syrup relatively viscous but with lighter colour ...
  • Our Clear syrup is medium invert syrup relatively less viscous syrup typically a sweet, transparent syrup. The flavor is predominantly sweet, without nuanced flavors and any distinct additional notes ...
  • Amber Syrup is a highly inverted syrup typically with a rich, robust flavor with a balanced combination of sweetness and subtle caramel notes. This is an obvious choice syrup for those who enjoy a sli ...
  • Our Traditional syrup for industrial is medium invert syrup relatively viscous but lighter colour than Golden syrup. It contains a balanced ratio of glucose and fructose, resulting in a moderate level ...
  • Chocolate Mint Sauce

    14 Sep 2023
    Our Chocolate mint sauce is perfectly balanced providing the harmonious blend of the rich, indulgent taste of chocolate with the refreshing, cool flavor of mint. It's a popular choice for drizzling ov ...
  • Chocolate Sauce

    14 Sep 2023
    Our Chocolate sauce is characterized by its rich, velvety texture and deep, indulgent coffee and chocolate flavours. It's sweet, with a pleasant balance of sweetness to complement our perfectly made i ...
  • Cappuccino Sauce

    14 Sep 2023
    Our cappuccino sauce has a combination of rich, bold coffee notes, creamy textures, with a touch of sweetness that captures the flavors of a cappuccino coffee. It has a smooth, distinct, velvety consi ...
  • Our invert syrup for retail segments are medium inverted syrups with medium viscosity; and with medium to high colour profile. They contain a balanced ratio of glucose and fructose, resulting in a mod ...
  • Our Golden syrup for industrial is medium invert syrup most viscous and with high colour profile than all our industrial lines. It contains a balanced ratio of glucose and fructose, resulting in a mod ...
  • Toffee Sauce

    15 Feb 2023
    Our toffee sauces are proficiently manufactured under strict food safety guidance. They have a distinct, datable rich and sweet flavor with a deep caramelised indulgent taste. It has a distinct creamy ...

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