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Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing

In simple terms, product sourcing is the practice of finding products that have high market value. The products can be sourced from either domestic or international suppliers, but the key is to understand whether it has the necessary market demand. At the Private Label and Licensing Exhibition Middle East, we provide a platform for retailers and wishful entrepreneurs to discover products in line with their specific requirement.

While sourcing products from regional manufacturers enables faster logistics, better control, and shorter turn-around time, it is typically cheaper to source a product from an external player with minimal market presence in the Middle East. Secondly, it can be quite daunting to ensure the quality of the products that are presented by before you. Tackle all such dilemmas and more during our 3-day event.

With all the key industry players set to make an appearance, you can meet and pick the brains of your peers. Also, you can make use of this platform to further enhance your knowledge about the industry. For example, understand what white label sourcing and private label sourcing is, and its benefits. For more information, get in touch with us on +971-4-308-6213.

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Different Types of Product Sourcing


Product sourcing from wholesale suppliers is a relatively easy route. In fact, it should be your go-to alternative, in case you are unable to forge a relationship with a manufacturer. You are at an advantage here, as buying wholesale is better as opposed to buying at retail prices and then reselling them. Additionally, wholesale purchases give you the benefit of buying at a discounted rate, so you can upsell your products and enjoy a substantial margin on sales.


Manufacturer sourcing is a challenging method, as opposed to wholesaler sourcing. Here, you have to prove that you are financially stable and have the required facilities, or they may not want to tie up with your business. However, if you do manage to convince them, it is a great way to build your white label or private label brand.

DIY Products

There has been a drastic rise in the demand for handmade goods. A lot of end-customers seek out such product for their uniqueness and quality. The most significant advantage of this form of product sourcing is that you will have complete control of your inventory and also benefit from the monopoly.


Drop-shipping is the practice by which stores do not have to keep the products they sell in stock. It is an easy way for any new e-commerce company to start their business operations, as you don’t need a huge inventory as back up.

Do’s and Dont’s of Product Sourcing

There are a few factors that you need to put into consideration before sourcing products for your business. Some of the most crucial points have been discussed below:


  • Verify Your Product Source

Do a proper background check on the wholesale supplier or manufacturer you choose. Ensure they have a valid physical address as proof, so you are guaranteed genuine products.

  • Have Backup Suppliers

We cannot stress enough on how vital it is for any product sourcing business to have a backup plan. No matter how good the company you’ve tied up with is, there could always be delays, hence always have a plan B in hand.



  • Tie up with unnecessary intermediaries

Don’t allow middle-men to get involved with your business. Not only will they decrease your profit margins, but they are likely to be a distraction to your overall operation.

Why Visit Private Label and Licensing Middle East 2019

The Private Label and Licensing Middle East exhibition is your golden ticket to introduce your company, meet white label product sourcing or private label sourcing businesses, and identify new products in the market.

Get New Product Ideas

Dealing with the same business over a prolonged period of time may lead to a blockage in creativity. This exhibition allows you to explore and discover various products under one roof, that will eventually help in generating new ideas.

Source a New Product

Nowadays, every company wants to break the monotony and come up with unique or niche products. At this exhibition, you may come across such products which could be beneficial when sourcing new products.

Meet and Connect with New Suppliers & Manufacturers

With 140+ exhibitors under one roof, you are bound to find new suppliers and manufacturers. In fact, this may be the easiest method for you to source new products without having to do excessive research. Here you can meet trusted industry players and connect with them, quickly.

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