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Private Label

Private label products are those items or commodities that are produced by an external manufacturer but sold under the name of a retailer’s brand. The retailer here decides on the ingredients used in the product, it’s packaging and how the label will appear. In the MENA region and particularly in the UAE, the private label industry has lots of room for expansion with total private label sales equal to only 10% of all grocery value. Private Label and Licensing Middle East – part of Gulfood’s stable of B2B events – aims to capitalize on the recent growth and anticipated boom of private labeling in Dubai and UAE, and the wider GCC.


what is private label

Understanding Private Labeling

Commonly, the journey from the production to the sale of a product goes along this route:

  • A manufacturer produces a product
  • The manufacturer supplies the product to a retailer
  • The retailer markets and sells this product to the consumers.

Traditionally, the manufacturer uses their own branding and packaging when they are selling the product to a retailer. However, when it comes to private labeling – the retailer places their personal branding on products they acquire from the manufacturer. While this is a lucrative business opportunity for the retailer, the manufacturer will be able to reach new customers and enter new markets under the blanket of well-known retailer.

Industries where private label products are commonly seen:

  • Beverage
  • Frozen and Packaged Food
  • Personal Care and Skin Care
  • Cosmetic and Beauty Items
  • Household Items
  • Perfumes
  • Dairy Items

Why Choose to be a Part of Private Label and Licensing Middle East

Private Label and Licensing Middle East is the first exclusive private label expo in the MENA Region. The three-day exhibition will act as a meeting ground for industry professionals and global manufacturers with readily available or customizable private label products that can help you to expand your portfolio in the MENA market at minimal logistics costs.



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